The Beginner’s Guide to Hiring an Escort in London

So you wish to experience London in its entirety and a London escorts service is on your to do list. Great, but where to begin? It’s not exactly something you can pull someone off the street and query. So you browse through the phone book or internet, find a few listings, view some pics and you’re ready to make your booking. But before you make that call or click, there are a few things to consider for your “first time.”

What do you like?

  • Yes it may sound trivial but do you want to go for adventurous or typical?

  • Is there a specific fantasy you want to play out?

  • Or are you going for the girlfriend / girl-next-door hire?

Most clients go for deluxe escort agency London but an “extended” services at escorts in London (at a charge of course) . So if you’ve never been with a busty Asian girl, or had an orgy at your place, now is the time to book one and cross it off your bucket list.

Compatibility – There must be some chemistry between you and your hire. You’re starting off as strangers, but at the end you’d like to feel fulfilled. Remember you’re not with a prostitute where, when the sex is over she’s taking a puff outside while you’re getting ready to leave the crusty motel room. With a London escort agency you pay for an experience, they’ll chat, tease, and flirt, so if there’s little or no chemistry, the evening could turn out regimented and plain. Most businesses let you speak to your potential hire before, so have a “speed date” before putting your paper on the redhead in the corner with the dragon tattoo.

The situation – if it’s solely for your pleasure and enjoyment, you can choose whatever type of escorts in London you like: the drug addict, the sex junky or the married mom-of-two who’s clocking a late night shift. But if you’re attending an event, a specific escort in London hire is required. Your choice of companion needs to be refined, especially if you want to look as if you’re in a relationship, not a business transaction. Classier London escorts cost more, but are more eloquent, sociable and appropriate for social events. So keep this in mind and do yourself a favor and not show up at your cousin’s wedding with a Goth girl, with overstated piercings and Michelangelo plastered across her torso. You won’t get your money’s worth for an enjoyable evening if the girl doesn’t fit the event, especially if it’s a classy one. Remember you’re not paying an escorts in London just for their service , but their skill as well and some escorts in London are just better dates than others.

The London Escort service – do you want a romantic dinner for two, a sexually charged role playing evening, a sensual massage, or a combination? Remember there is a flat rate and a top-up for each additional service, so keep that in mind before you end up with an embarrassing £500 bill you can’t pay to such a London escort agency.

And most importantly the cost

  • How much are you willing to spend?

  • Is it a onetime service or would you be going on a few dates?

The London Escorts range anywhere from £50 upwards, so if you’re a new college student don’t go for the £150 an hour hire, save that for the savvy business man.